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    hi everyone,I'm new to the forums here but I was searching for my answer and I don't really know how to phrase the question that I'm trying to ask so it's kind of an issue. basically I recently updated my Android device to the latest available Android version. I am currently on version 4.4.2 of Android on my galaxy Avant. after the update, whenever I use the Google Voice to Text function, it says "tap to pause" but whenever I hit pause the phone displays the text normally but then when I resume the voice to text function by pressing the microphone button again, it erases all of the previous text that I had just written and overwrites that text with the new text that I am currently recording. like I said, it's confusing to try to explain. But basically I will use voice to text to work on half a text message and then pause so I can take a breath or think or whatever and when I go to type the second half of the text it deletes the first half of the text and records the second half of the text over it. There's also changes to the functionality of the program that makes it less user friendly for me versus the original firmware version that I had installed when I got the phone. I really was used to and found it easier to use the original firmware version because I use voice to text so much and because of this error and a couple of other functionality changes that I can't really explain, the new and improved Google Voice is a lot more difficult and time-consuming for me to use than the older version.

    if anybody has any advice on this issue, I would really appreciate it. actually, I wouldn't mind just uninstalling the firmware update and going back to the older version of Android that I have, since that works just fine for me and I kind of made the mistake of assuming that the updated android would contain improvements. I don't actually know what the version of Android I have originally installed was, but whatever it waswas originally installed on the phone because I have never done an update before.

    well any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys and girls
    05-14-2015 04:20 PM

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