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    I JUST upgraded from Galaxy S4 to S6, and gave my S4 to my son...BUT had it restored to factory state. One of the things I insisted upon was that my S Memos be transferred to the S6. As I look at my new phone and unable to find S Memo ANYWHERE, I have been on my computer to see what happened with the Smart Switch.

    HOW IN THE WORLD did Samsung totally make it impossible to transfer something that is so important to those who use it? I am a writer and photographer....I am beyond "in shock" that all of my notes are lost.

    Is there no remedy?
    05-16-2015 01:37 AM
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    I agree it was an infuriating change.
    I think Note 2 owners first experienced this. I switched from an S2 to a Note 3 with only S-Notes, but I hadn't used S-Memo much.

    What I can only suggest that may work is if you had S-Memo syncing by default to your Samsung account. They would still be there, but you would need to reset that S4 to put your account back and then select Accounts - Samsung - Restore.
    (Ask your son to look at Accounts - Samsung to see if S-Memo is there to sync, I can't be sure at this stage)

    see also:



    05-16-2015 08:37 AM

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