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    When i turn off my samsung galaxy s4...the logo of movistar appears instead of the samsung logo...how can i get rid of this...and i know that movistar is a spanish mobile phone operator...byt but i bought the phone in lebanon and i wanna change the movistar appearance with the samsung logo...and i believe that it's affecting the phone avoiding it from getting the latest software updates...all my friends who got android lollipop in their samsung galaxy s4 but me...it bothers me so how can i change it (lebanon is an arabic country not spanish) plz help

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    05-17-2015 02:05 AM
  2. The fonzeie's Avatar
    easy. you go here: Firmware for Samsung GT-I9505 - SamMobile
    look for a firmware with version 5.0.1 (country doesn't matter)
    i would advise you to download one without a carrier name next to the country, because carriers typically add their own bootanimations
    then sign up for sammobile and flash it to the phone with odin.
    you can Google how to flash firmware with odin. it sound hard but it is VERY easy.


    07-18-2016 02:53 AM

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