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    Got an s6 ordered so just been looking into how I want to set it up. Coming from a nexus 4. Been all over this site, watched / read dozens tips n tricks videos / articles.

    Downloaded some launchers, lock screen apps and general widgets to try them out before I stick them on the s6.

    While I have to wait to try out TW, I get all the extra customisations the launchers can add, some of them very good, but I haven't seen any mention of what it may take away.

    For example, the multi window feature on TW seems quite handy, do you lose that if you are using another launcher?

    Never used a custom lock screen, but found a few that look good and are functional. However are they going to play nice with the fingerprint sensor? I'm wary enough about putting my fingerprints on a device, so much so that if I do I'm only going to use my left hand as I deem it expendable! There's no way I'm storing fingerprints on a third party app though, so I'm guessing if you want to use it for security you need to use stock?

    Appreciate any replies, if someone else has asked something similar and there is a link to that thread then that's just as helpful.

    Any other things to consider would be appreciated also.

    05-17-2015 07:14 AM

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