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    device: samsung galaxy v/samsung sm-g313hz

    i got it with a postpaid plan from sun cellular (here in philippines) and the people from their customer service said that in order for the other line or sim2 (it's a dual sim phone) to be opened to other networks, i must place a sun cellular sim in sim1. so i did what they said and true enough, it worked. i placed a Touch Mobile (TM) sim in sim2, btw.

    but the problem is, i can't send text messages from my TM sim even though i have load. i found out that my message centre was not set and another problem is it couldn't be set, idk why. so i looked it up on different forums and i came across one wc says that i should reset my phone. i did it and successfully, the message centre was already set and i could text from my TM sim already. same as with my Sun sim.

    but a few hours later, i couldn't send texts again from my TM sim. but my Sun sim functions properly. i consulted the two carriers yesterday and they said that it could be the phone that has problems because they accessed both of my networks and they found nothing wrong with it.

    what do you think is the problem and what should i do about it?

    sorry if the post was too long. :3 thanks for those who will answer
    05-20-2015 02:55 AM

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