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    This seems like it should be so simple but apparently is not.
    1. I have a Notebook app (like S-Note or Lecture Notes - both, in fact) installed on my Kitkat android Note 3 phone.
    2. Also have same app(s) installed on Kitkat Note 8 tablet.
    3. Because of the changes implemented with Kitkat, nothing wants to write to/from an external SD card. Stupid, because these note files hog lots of internal memory.
    4. Many of these notebooks are ACTIVE (meaning I use them on the fly, both devices).

    Here's what I want:
    1. All notebooks stored on external SD card, both devices (or somewhere "centrally", like my PC or NAS device. Would prefer to stay away from the Dropbox/Dropsync/Google Drive/Evernotes of the data-losing-data-duplicating-data-snatching CorporateCloudWorld. Is there even a choice??)

    2. Two-way sync whenever I make a change to a notebook on EITHER device, so that - duh - when I change something on phone it shows up on tablet and vice-verse. Is it even POSSIBLE to do this without a centrally-located version of the file on some cloud (or PC or NAS device)?

    3. If a centralized file location is necessary, and this location can be my PC at home, what/how do I set something up to detect changes made on BOTH sides, should it occur that I make changes to file on BOTH tablet and phone, and want the "fully updated" version when I push "sync" at home each night?

    3. NOT talking about "file SHARING". That's great for stuff that doesn't change a whole lot like music or photos (or the occasional collaborative Word doc). I am talking about "sync the UPDATED notebook thing that I just did so that this change shows up across the board when I push the "SYNC" button".

    Some background info:
    Tried Evernote sync w/the SNotes, and here's what happened:
    1. Backed up notes to Evernote via sync before factory-resetting phone. Left them there as backup.
    2. Updated lots of the notes.
    3. Purchased tablet, wanted to be able to use/see notes on tablet.
    4. Re-initiated Evernote sync on both sides (phone and tablet).
    5. Evernote then dumped not only a copy of the notes from phone onto tablet, but ALSO a separate, duplicated copy of the notebooks that were already in Evernote, same file names notwithstanding. In other words, it did not update the existing notes. It created a whole slew of new notebooks and dumped all of these duplicates onto both my devices....
    6. All this had to be done via internal device storage as (mentioned above), apps don't read/write SD cards on Kitcat.
    7. No choice to "stop syncing" via Evernote. The choices were UNINSTALL Evernote (to keep from creating further sync problems) *or* select the Samsung Cloud Account sync option. Ever read Samsung's list of permissions?? No, thanks. However.....upon choosing that button (Samsung sync in order to "unselect" Evernote) - and not going thru with it by declining the permissions, it then told me that once I chose to click a different button (in this case Evernote, who's button choice still showed up even tho I had uninstalled the app), I had better back up my data to an external source because Samsung was going to DELETE THE DATA from my internal storage when I opted to click the other (Evernote) button choice. WOW. So I backed it ALL up to my SD card, thus creating triplicates of these files.
    8. No way to do my WORK without figuring out/cleaning out the duplicated information, and I wasn't about to risk making the problem bigger by syncing any of it.
    9. Downloaded completely different notebook app (Lecture Notes), which asks for very few permissions, works almost as well as Snote, and has no in-built cloud storage. The dev suggested using Dropsync via Dropbox. Went there. Did that. After 3 days of working flawlessly, Dropsync stopped downloading. (It uploads just fine - I can see the uploaded docs on Dropbox - but they do not DOWNLOAD! And the download setting is, indeed, "unlimited". I checked.) Emailed the dev several times - no reply at all.

    10. THEREFORE....I want to be able to use my notebook app (whichever one, doesn't matter) on both of my devices in an updated state on both my devices, without having to rely on some weird, maybe-it-works-or-not third-party cloud-sync app. Would rather do it MYSELF, using something I can actually exert some control over.

    WHAT would this be and HOW would I do that?

    Many, many thanks!
    05-21-2015 01:14 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I found Qnotes, which claims to be the only Android notes app that supports private cloud storage. Hasn't been out for too long, and only has 189 reviews, but they're mostly good.
    05-21-2015 06:33 PM

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