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    I'm going on holiday in about two weeks and my old Galaxy S (i9000) is dying.

    So I've decided to replace it with either the Huawei Honor 6 or the Samsung S4 Advance (i9506). However, I've no idea which one to go with.. :/

    I've read some reviews for both phones and they both have their advantages and disadvantages of course. For example the Honor 6 doesn't have NFC (not sure if I'll ever need it though). In specs I find that both phones are very similar, but maybe there are some major differences I haven't noticed yet?
    Since I'm going on holiday I'll focus a bit on the camera and battery life. It seems from some of the reviews I've read that the S4 does take better pictures, but does however not last as long as the Honor 6 when it comes to the battery.

    I can't post links for the specs, however they can be found on gsmarena.

    I really hope that someone can help me decide. Also please comment if you have any experience with these phones. Thanks in advance

    EDIT: I I've decided to go with the Galaxy Alpha + 2500mAh official battery kit instead. No further help needed.
    05-21-2015 02:38 PM

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