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    I have a T-Mobile Nexus 5. The phone is is good condition and hasn't been dropped very badly to date. For the last few weeks a couple of people who have phoned me have complained of a bad line and not being able to hear me. I went to the gym today and took my phone with me. I didn't really use it cause I forgot my headphones so it just lay on the floor next to me or in my pocket. I went to use it and had no signal. I put it down to the fact my gym generally has bad signal. I came home to find it still hasn't picked up a network. I have tried multiple reboots and leaving it off for an hour or so. I went to mobile networks and then network operators and it can't see any operators, I also reset all of my APN's. Still had no luck ant suggestions?
    05-21-2015 05:55 PM

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