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    Okay so I haven't found an EXACT answer. When I take a photo for example I have my bangs on the right and my camera shows that, but then when I take a pic it rotates it to the left and it looks horrible and it's annoying as ****. I've even tried doing a pic in the mirror to reverse the effect. Nah, doesn't work. I've checked my settings and there's no option saying I turn flip or rotation off like on the S2. I've tried multiple apps and they don't work so I'm stuck taking pics on Instagram that displays the photos correctly, but even that pisses me off considering it's a small square pic and not a full pic. So how do I fix my camera or does anyone know an app I can download? It'd be much appreciated! AND DO REALIZE THIS IS THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 NOT S3 OR S2 BUT S4
    05-23-2015 03:36 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    05-24-2015 06:53 PM

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