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    I use an LG Nexus 5, and recently, the USB charger when connected to AC power, was seen to be charging at a range between 200 to 400 mA. Is this a good range, or is it insufficient?
    I happen to have a BlackBerry charger which charges at 1600 mA. Is this safe for the nexus?

    Current values obtained using Ampere for Android.
    05-24-2015 11:13 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    I commend to you Rukbat's very informative article about batteries:

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    05-24-2015 11:23 AM
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    200-400 mA is quite slow, and 1600 mA is probably bit much. Try to stay between 500-1200 mA.

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    05-24-2015 04:33 PM

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