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    I'm selling a single ticket to LG's Developer Event at Google I/O 2015 on May 27th in San Francisco, CA! Please check the link on ebay if you're interested in purchasing! You'll be contacted with a link and registration code for your ticket after purchase! I live in Pittsburgh, PA and won the ticket through Android Police. I can't make it on such short notice, so I'm trying to help someone out who can go! Thanks guys and gals!

    Just go to ebay's website, then type this "/itm/-/151692574254?" in after to get to the selling page...Android Central won't let me post a link unless I've posted 10 times...which I haven't!
    05-24-2015 10:53 PM
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    Contest Rules

    This contest is open to everyone regardless of where you're coming from, but you must actually intend to go to LG's developer event. The prize does not include travel expenses, hotel, or any other costs that may be related to attending – this is just for the ticket. In other words, you should either live in or near San Francisco, or have plans to be in the area on May 27th. Ideally, it would also be really good if you're actually an Android developer, for all of the obvious reasons.

    Since the event is less than a week away and we wanted to give winners a little time to make arrangements if they win tickets, we're keeping the entry period really short. The contest will be open from now until Saturday at 11:59pm (PST). That gives just over two days to get your name in the running, so don't hang back!
    05-26-2015 12:51 PM

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