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    I have a HTC One M7 with sprint and HTC one has an update on there site. I have a cyanogen mod installed on it and I am fully rooted as well as have the twrp recovery installed to it. To know of the site I am referring to I am unfortunately not able to post links as the forum automatically thinks it is spam related. So in order to know of the site I am talking about all you have to do is google: Htc one m7 sprint ROM and click the result from the htc site. Anyways what I am wanting to know is if I was to follow the steps provided on the site to update it manually will this brick my phone? As I really want to use it and try it out if possible if it won't brick it. What happened to my other post? It was in regards to media router and I can't find it.
    05-24-2015 11:11 PM
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    Such a simple answer and no one could reply. Ohh well I guess I will answer my own question. The answer is yes. You can do this by going directly to sprints website and downloading the rom software for the phone and following the prompts with no risk of bricking the phone. Of course I believe you have to relock the device first I believe but it is still possible without bricking it if you follow the instructions properly on the forum where it tells you how to do a factory reset properly and safely. It is really not very difficult.
    06-23-2015 09:38 AM

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