1. AC Question's Avatar
    SO I have been looking for Android phone from china and found this phone:GIONEE ELIFE E7

    but then,when I watched reviews of the phone.They say:

    System capacity 9.46GB
    Phone Storage capacity 22.54GB
    System free 3.57GB
    Phone storage free 22.36GB

    And I would like to play WOT Blitz that requires 5GB memory,can I download that app to that phone? And play it well?
    05-26-2015 06:50 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    5GB of memory (RAM)? That would require a phone not yet made - it would be for a PC.

    5GB of storage? You have 22.36GB of free phone storage. However that's not the whole story, you have to know how much free app storage you need.

    And I doubt thta any Android game requires 5GB of either memory or storage. According to the WOT Blitz Play Store page, it requires 45MB of storage, which almost any phone today has.
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    05-26-2015 07:10 AM

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