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    When I put CM on my phone, the carrier name changes from Videotron to Rogers depending on where I am. I know Videotron has a parnership with Rogers because their network is too small but on my stock ROM the carrier name never changes. Do you think it's because they're cloaking the name in the stock ROM? I wouldn't want to have to pay Rogers on top of Videotron. Also, would my SIM card allow to change networks on unauthorized networks?

    When I go into Network Operators, both Videotron and Rogers are listed. When I choose Videotron it goes back to Rogers after a while.
    05-26-2015 01:00 PM
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    I'd contact whichever carrier I pay to ask, but from my experience, these days if the phone roams, there's no additional charge. "Roaming" is a holdover from the days when you paid a daily roaming fee to use another carrier's tower - which is why most stock ROMs don't show you if you're roaming. If you can connect to the tower, it's covered by your plan. (Cyanogen is more a geek's ROM - we like to see what's happening not just under the hood, but inside the cylinders. Not just who's tower we're roaming on, but the tower number, its neighbor's numbers, the signal quality - all that stuff. Cyanogen is getting too commercial to go that far, though, so we still have to run "geek apps" to get that information.)
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    05-29-2015 05:36 PM
  3. dlalonde's Avatar
    Alright great! That would explain it then. I did a test the other day where I checked my monthly bandwidth in my carrier's app and downloaded a big file then checked it again when my bandwidth was updated and my carrier added my download. So it's definitely legit. It's sort of the first time this has happened to me when using CyanogenMod (sort of because the first time was with a carrier I knew was owned by the one the ROM showed) so I wanted to make sure.

    05-30-2015 08:25 AM

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