1. TheBrandonLSmith's Avatar
    I play a drag racing game called No Limit Drag Racing and I was hoping to get Android Central to do a full review on the game. There has been little to no press of the game but its been out for almost a year and has 2.4 million downloads as of yesterday. I work closely with the developer and we wanted some real feedback to see where we stack up to the other drag racing games currently available. Thank you and take care.
    05-26-2015 04:04 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! You could use the Contact Us link: Contact | Android Central. But the AC writers don't review games that frequently. If you'd like to promote your app further, please review the guidelines here: App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums. Make sure to have 10 posts of something meaningful and helpful to the community first, then feel free to promote the game in the appropriate subforums.
    05-27-2015 04:06 AM

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