1. AC Question's Avatar
    Last night I downloaded an update to my Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520. I don't know what update it was, just the one that showed up in my notifications. Now my tablet will not recognize or connect to ANY wireless connections. It just continually scans and scans, finding nothing. All other devices in the house are experiencing zero connection issues. Help!
    05-27-2015 07:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! First, try rebooting the router by unplugging its power for 10 seconds, then plugging back in. See this guide for more tips: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...-problems.html
    05-27-2015 09:56 PM
  3. cameroon2015's Avatar
    That has been done. Zero difference.
    05-28-2015 08:17 PM
  4. Barry Fawthrop's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue
    Rebooted the AP
    other devices sitting alongside the SM-T520 are connected fine to the AP
    I have rebooted the tablet and still just scanning.... for ever and not connecting

    Any help
    06-01-2015 04:10 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ok, for both of you--have you tried going through all of the suggestions in the guide I linked? Just want to make sure we've covered those bases.
    06-01-2015 07:23 PM
  6. liamgcarter's Avatar
    Hiya All.

    I have exactly the same problem. I have followed all procedures in the guide.

    I downloaded an update and installed, since then i am unable to connect or find any wireless networks. Sometimes even the Wifi will just turn itself off.

    I am going to try a factory reset.


    06-09-2015 03:25 AM
  7. mahrud's Avatar
    Had exactly the same problem when I accepted an Android update on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM T520. It killed off the wi fi. My home hub and all the usual hubs I connect to (and my neighbours hubs) were all listed but with no signal symbols. Like you it just kept scanning with no results. All my other devices (iPhone and Smart TV) were all still connected to my home hub OK, so I know it was working. I followed the link in this forum about wi fi problems but this was completely useless and misses the point. I'm not detecting any wifi routers/hubs so what is the point of turning your own home router off, especially if you know it is working. If this was the solution, am I ask my employer and all the hotels I stay at to reboot their routers just for me. Way off the mark.
    I factory reset my Samsung Tab Pro and during set up it found all the usual routers again OK and I established a connection with my home router BUT during the set to re-connected to my Google account (as required during the Samsung set up process) and on the tablet finally re-booting, all wifi routers were listed again but no signal symbols and tablet just scanning again. i.e back to square one. Having lost my data and settings from the tab pro anyway (hopefully there on my cloud back up) - what the hell, I did another full factory reset. This time I did not reconnect my Google account and Apps, just skipped through everything. That worked and I now have wifi again. Could be a Google/Android bug and I'll see when I get to re-connect and re-enable my Google account. Not good considering the money we pay for this rubbish.
    06-12-2015 05:16 AM
  8. bluelivinlife's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your post, you saved the day. I appreciate you so much.
    This morning my son told me he had no wifi on his tablet after updating and so a day of restore games started. Now thanks to your wisdom of not logging the google account after restore we're back on line and yep we even have the gmail accounts back on and surfing away
    07-25-2015 02:17 PM
  9. Pako2891's Avatar
    Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Turn OFF "Passpoint".

    Not sure why but it got enabled with the update as well. Just had to go through the settings for about 10 minutes then realized I never enabled it.
    J Andrew Bennett likes this.
    08-05-2015 11:27 PM
  10. Adeniyi Babajide Olatoye's Avatar
    My samsung galaxy not see wifi
    09-04-2015 05:49 AM
  11. Adeniyi Babajide Olatoye's Avatar
    wifi icon not show on tab
    09-04-2015 06:31 AM
  12. Damo5645's Avatar
    Thanks pako2891. Had the exact same issue after software update.
    Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Turn OFF "Passpoint" did the trick..
    09-05-2015 07:42 AM
  13. J Andrew Bennett's Avatar
    This is the one. So simple, when you know how. I am now the household tech wizard (by proxy).

    Thanks so much.
    10-07-2015 08:06 AM
  14. ascgirl73's Avatar
    Thank you sweet baby Jesus for giving Pako2891 the knowledge for trouble-shooting this connection issue. This fixed my connecting-issue as well. I was about to go insane not being able to figure this out. Thanks and God Bless!
    11-12-2015 01:06 AM
  15. speedyveg's Avatar

    I have the same problem with my Samsung SM-T520. Yesterday it just stopped detecting all networks, Bluetooth works but no WiFi. This has just happened randomly, I've tried all the tricks I've read on the various forums so far including resetting the tablet.

    Is rooting the tablet the only solution? It's running Android 4.4.2. don't know when it updated...

    Any input would be very very appreciated, I currently have a nice paperweight.
    03-18-2016 12:56 PM
  16. 1Yosh10's Avatar
    I had the same issue one week ago, i belive its a malfunction of the hardware. kind of lifetime problem.
    06-03-2016 05:37 PM
  17. Chris Kocher's Avatar
    Revert any policies Samsung Knox has done and remove Knox
    07-14-2016 02:39 PM
  18. BWB GAMING's Avatar
    My tab3 wont recognise my WiFi so i just set my WiFi channel to auto and now i can see my WiFi ssid
    08-15-2016 03:31 AM
  19. Lolololololool's Avatar
    It only says scanning for networks for hourssss
    08-21-2016 03:25 AM
  20. AndreFadel's Avatar
    I have a tougher issue. My Samsung Galaxy T-520 detects all Wi-Fi networks, but it doesn't connect to any. The status shows "saved, protected", but it fails to connect. I tried everything, switching on/off passpoints, bluetooth and whatever, even factory resets (twice). I also tried to start the device without the Google account, skipping everything. I also tried a cell phone access point, it's all useless. All my other devices work, so it's not the router. Maybe it's a hardware problem. It suddenly stopped working. Thanks for your replies, anyway.
    09-20-2017 08:35 PM
  21. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! When you say "all wi-fi networks," do you mean public wi-fi hotspots as well? Does this happen in Safe Mode as well? The steps for the Tab S should work for the Tab Pro: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-28736
    09-21-2017 12:00 PM
  22. OzHairyPotter's Avatar
    After reading this helpful info I thought I would try a quick fix of removing Google account and restarting Tablet - Yes it worked - put google account back and works great restarted Tablet etc and still working
    12-18-2017 05:36 PM

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