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    So yesterday, my Malwarebytes app reported that I have this bugger called trojan.sms.leech hiding in a system settings app, which I can't remove (no permission), and I don't dare to root my tablet, not because of warranty (I got it second hand) but because god knows what this thing (the trojan) will do when it gets root access. Even worse, when I wipe and reinitialize my tablet, install Malwarebytes from Google Play and run a scan, it pops back up again. It's a stinking, stubborn bugger that just doesn't want to go away. Now I wonder if the virus flashed itself into the ROM that holds the factory setup data, or if it somehow gets on there via an update from Google Play. I use a wifi only tablet, so under ordinary circumstances I wouldn't bother getting it off my tablet because I don't use sms on there, but I just can't in my best consciousness justify anyone I remotely care about getting infected with this virus too, so... I have no real choice but find a way to get it off, especially since I in some way depend on my tablet when I'm out and about near a wifi hotspot. Any good suggestions on how to best deal with this sucker WITHOUT rooting it or any real complicated mumbo jumbo? Again: The Virus shows up as "trojan.SMS.leech" as part of a system settings app. This is very concerning, if not disturbing to say the least.

    One more thing - I tried the "Stubborn Trojan Killer", but all it does is scan for a split second, then it reports that no trojans are present, which is total and complete rubbish. I wonder if that trojan is doing this. Same thing also happened with Bitdefender, and any other antivirus program (e. g. Zoner, etc.) doesn't detect anything, except the occasional adbot.
    05-28-2015 01:28 AM

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