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    My hubby's cell samsung s3 battery is draining fast. I have an s5 active and I match both of them to try and figure out why it's draining that fast and I found some funny stuff. Yes the screen on and fully bright will drain it even on my brand new S5. So I reduce the on screen time and reduce the brightness. I've also tried turning off the wifi when not needed and it seems to help some how but the biggest thing I notice when I go into the battery set up the android system and the screen are the biggest battery drainers. On the hubby's phone the S3 the android software drains it like crazy it's almost 80% and 30% on mine why is that? I've reset the phone to factory default mind you it was slow as hell lagging you name it by resetting to factory default (the husband only use is phone as a phone and e-mail mine is my computer)it installed the latest software some stuff I notice in the S3 that wasn't there before but I found on my S5. Weird but it does work faster it removed all the app the I was using which he won't be using remember just A phone for the hubby but the dam battery drains fast and I notice that the android software drains it by 80% any ideas
    05-29-2015 03:07 PM
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    There are many ways to save battery, however it depends on the usage of the specific person. There are some ways you can prevent battery drain and save some juice. 1. Use greeify app. Which kills unwanted apps to run background. 2. Disable the features like Bluetooth, wifi,sync(if possible) it does save some battery. 3.Use only apps which you use prevent unwanted apps. Mainly greenify will help you alot.
    05-29-2015 03:48 PM

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