1. AC Question's Avatar
    Nothing seems to work. II absabsolutely HATE HATE HATE it.Please help me
    05-29-2015 02:15 PM
  2. NoEl surya's Avatar
    Goto settings.>> apps. Go to all apps and open that app. You will find an option for uninstalling the latest version one by one.
    05-29-2015 02:43 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    You can't uninstall an update because it becomes part of the firmware of the phone. You have to install an earlier version, to overwrite the updated version.

    Unfortunately, with Samsung, going from 5 to 4 may bot be possible. Check with the devs on the S4 section for your carrier on XDA Forums.

    If it is, get the ROM you prefer (4.4.2 can be rooted, 4.4.4 can't, but it fixes the OpenSSL/Hearbleed bug if you do anything secure on your phone), then read our [Samsung] How to flash Stock ROM via ODIN guide. (Flashing a ROM may seem scary, but after you've done it a few times the only danger is dying of boredom.) The first time you start th phone with a new ROM - Odin will do that for you - it can take up to 10 minutes, so don't get worried.

    And back everything up first. You lose all your installed apps, pictures, music - everything. See Backing up an Android Device.
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    05-29-2015 03:19 PM
  4. hadapowerhouse's Avatar
    I received an update for my S4 in May. When I attempted to update, it did not work. I didn't have enough space. I went to Verizon, I bought another memory chip and a couple of other things. I keep delaying the installation by touching 'not now' or whatever came up and touching a time for installation. I attempted to read up on it, but I didn't get much information. So last night installed the update. It changed my S4 (which is like a computer to me) completely. I use to brag that my phone was not the same phone that I bought almost a couple of years ago,it was so much better. Now it is the worst update that I have ever received. I am still not aware of every thing that is wrong. First, I noticed that I didn't like the color on the home screen or the pull down menu. To be blunt the update makes the phone look cheap. I cannot move icons around like I could before. All I did was press and push around. I could put icons where I needed them. The camera will not zoom any more. The phone says that I cannot zoom in the mode that I am in. I tried the other modes but zooming does not work. I can not enhance the photos with sepia, or put an oval around a photo, etc. There were several pages to up icons and download app icons. Basically, I am very upset and I dislike this update more than any update that I have ever received on any phone. It looks simple and cheap, cheap. I will not be forced to upgrade to a phone that I don't need and to one that I don't qualify for yet. I want to know is there any way to uninstall it/ get rid of it.
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    06-11-2015 05:07 PM
  5. SRAkh's Avatar
    Please help me too. I have a Moto E. It became impossible to use due to the repeated reminders to update to Lollipop 5.1 so I succumbed. I had to clear 500Mb space, which I assumed was needed for temporary files during installation. It's used everything! I have 117Mb left, nothing I can uninstall now, I can't update Google Play even, my phone will not work any more. What can I do? When I switch on there are three messages for updates which I can't complete because there is no space. Help!
    10-23-2015 05:02 AM
  6. PaleCupcake's Avatar
    I agree totally. I HATE the new update. You hit the nail on the head, it looks Cheap. The user interfaces are all messed up. Lock screen weird. Color changes, why?? I used to brag how customizable my phone was compared to iphones. Now it feels like my phone has been hijacked and is a pain to use and look at. HATE
    11-03-2015 08:18 AM

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