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    Having an odd problem with Lollipop Smart Lock for trusted places. I set up a trusted place (while in it) and Smart Lock works -- I no longer have to enter the pattern to unlock, just swipe up. But then if I leave the trusted place/area the security gets turned off altogether and I no longer have to even swipe up to get to the home screen. I just turn the phone on and the home screen is there, even when I return to the trusted place. I have to reconfigure Screen Lock to get it to work again.

    Am I missing something obvious? This is supposed to work with pattern lock, right? I only installed Lollipop (Sony version 5.0.2) a couple days ago, so have the latest version of Play Services. Or is this another example of Lollipop just generally sucking?!
    05-29-2015 11:37 PM

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