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    I bought a black S5 yesterday at Bestbuy store. I asked the rep specifically for a Black phone. The rep brought out a box and while I was looking at protective covers, opened the box, took out the phone and battery and started it.

    So, now I am getting a bit uneasy whether the phone I was given a brand new one that came in a sealed box or not as she without asking anything or showing me the sealed box began to set things up.

    I sort of feel foolish that I didn't carefully navigate things with the rep as i was buying the new box and when she may have unsealed it as i didn't notice any of that step.

    Also, I opened the bag today since I bought it 2 days ago and saw that the phone is black but the accessories (travel charger, headphone, usb) are white. There only one charger with the package, "travel charger".
    I wasn't expecting different colored accessories and would want them to be black.

    To calm my nerves, is there any way I can confirm that i was given a legit new device?

    Is the accessory color normal or can I return the phone to get one with all black accessories?
    05-30-2015 02:57 PM

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