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    So every time my screen dims all of my buttons become unresponsive nothing will work to get my phone to start working again. I just have to hold the power button until the motorola screen comes back on to turn it on again. Once it starts coming on its fine but then takes sometimes up to 30 minutes to finally turn completely on and get past the blue droid screen. It isnt frozen there as the animation on the word droid is still working. I did a factory reset and this has helped tremendously but I still cant let my screen dim or it takes forever to turn back on. I had to set my sleep setting to 10 minutes which kills my battery. Has anyone else had this problem? What else can I do? This is my third one since Feb. 28. 1-over heated and cracked screen 2-refurbished replacement lasted one day cut off and wouldnt come on again. I cant change phones with my contract unless I buy my own used one and I would rather not buy a used phone from someone not knowing how long it will last or what kind of care it has had.
    05-30-2015 04:13 PM
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    1. Set the screen off time to 10 seconds. Let it shut off. Tap the power button, don't hold it down.

    Does it come back? Holding the power button down for over about 15 seconds is a simulated battery pull, so the phone is cold-dtarting.

    2. How long have you had this one? It may still be within the period that you can get it replaced. (Don't worry if you have to get 35 phones until you get one that works. If Motorola puts out junk, they should have to eat the loss. (And they do, the carrier doesn't.) If whoever is doing the refurbishing is doing shoddy work, enough returns attributed to that person, or that company, will get the person fired or the carrier (or insurance company) to stop using that refurbisher.

    Let's take back that old slogan "the customer is the reason we're in business". It's time companies that don't care what they put out learned that again.

    3. If you do decide to buy your own phone, try Swappa. They're not someone's junk that he's trying to get rid of, most of them are well-cared-for phones, but the owner got a newer one or a different one. (Some of the pictures you see of scratches are followed by comments that the buyer couldn't find the scratch that the seller lit up so it looked like the Grand Canyon. I call it over-honesty, and I'm fine with it. Better that you get a phone in better condition than it looked in the picture, than one that looks like it got run over after the picture was taken, right?)
    05-30-2015 04:33 PM

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