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    I have a batch of image files and am trying to find a fluent way to move them across apps in Android.

    1.Multiple selection in android file explorers such as Astro, ES File explorer apps does exist and is still new to me. I am able to select one by one(would prefer to filter the directory first date , time, name) or in some cases "select all" (118 items for example) of image files in a directory. Now I would like to simply import all of these images in one go to other apps.

    Easy share action seems different depending on the apps I use.

    Some apps disappear from the sharing option when I multi select .

    My question is how to get around this single file share action?

    It occurs to me that a simple reiteration through the multiple selection in the file explorer app would appear as a single file to the app I am sharing the selection with...

    Heavy searched play store online etc for a solution ...nothing as of yet.

    Any file explorers in android capable of doing this?? How about custom easy share action app( lollipop able)??

    Shame some developers are not exposing the easy share multi file capabilities to the end user interface .

    My end goal is to find an app to easily populate A4(or other sizes) pages ready for printing. File images are cut and with irregular shapes. Ideally the app would figure out how to place the images to minimize gaps and waste no paper(minimal waste that is).

    At the moment I know of an app called PicCollage. It fits the bill in many places but fails due to all 118 images being dumped on a single page. Any other well known possibilities?? I wish an app with endless canvas existed . I would just dump all images first...move them about and print the whole thing tiled on A4 pages...
    05-31-2015 03:06 AM

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