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    When I installed viber some year ago, every time someone sent me a picture it was saved in a folder "viber pictures" that was somehow created by itself. For some time now the pictures keep disappearing. They are available for a couple of days and then permanently disappear from both: the "viber pictures" folder and from the viber messaging. In addition, every few days I have to re-add my profile picture, because it keeps disappearing. Even more, maybe it is not that important, but since I mention all of the problems I have with viber it wouldn't hurt to add another one, the background for my contacts keeps changing to the default. At first, every time I set a background for some contact, after a day or two it changed back to default, now, I cannot even change the background. I try to change the background in a contact settings, I choose the background I want and... nothing.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, android version 4.1.1
    Thank you
    05-31-2015 07:15 PM
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    It's a weird issue. Have you contacted the viber devs?
    How about clearing the cache and than restarting the phone to see if that helps.

    Sent From my Gold Platinum Galaxy S6 Edge
    05-31-2015 07:46 PM

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