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    I recently purchased a Samsung 10.1 Pro tablet. I specifially asked the sales person whether it would cause any problems if the tablet is left plugged in (not on) except when un use. I want to give this to my son, who has autism, and he is not going to understand that it would need to be charged periodically, so I thought if he leaves in plugged in, it will be ready to go when he wants to use it. The sales person told me that would NOT be any issue or problem; however, I searched further and people have said that it could over heat and I did notice the cord end that plugs in was warm when I unplugged it after using the tablet. I am totally confused now. Does anyone have some insight on this? If it cannot be left plugged in, I will have to return it.
    06-02-2015 12:03 PM
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    Welcome to the forums. In theory, it should be able to be left plugged in, but how about this: Is there any way you can plug it in yourself, or have some kind of reminder for him to do it? You can plug it in each night (regardless of what the battery discharge is at the end of the day) and unplug it each morning.
    06-02-2015 01:34 PM
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    I searched further and people have said that it could over heat
    People also say that Santa Claus is real. The only problem, and it could happen 5 minutes after you plug the charger in, 3 weeks after you plug it in or never, is that if the charging circuit in the tablet, or the circuitry in the charger, goes bad, it could fry the tablet or the battery.

    In more than 10 years in this business, I've yet to hear of one case of that happening.

    and I did notice the cord end that plugs in was warm when I unplugged it after using the tablet.
    The tablet is drawing current from the charger even after the battery is fully charged. (The battery isn't, the rest of the tablet is.) That will cause the charger and the cord to get warm. Entropy requires that no process is 100% efficient, and the difference between 100% and the efficiency of the device is lost as heat. I'd worry if nothing got warm, because that would mean that someone had invented a new kind of physics or the charger wasn't working (or the tab;let wasn't connected to the charger).

    I've had phones plugged in for months, and laptops plugged in for years - and with no ill-effects. (In a shop you sometimes just plug an old phone in to top the battery off, it gets buried under other stuff, and you forget it for months. I found one old phone, still plugged in, when I sold my last store, that must have been plugged in for about 2 years. Was the charger warm? Yes. Was the cable warm? Yes. This isn't anyone who understands basic electricity would worry about - except that the longer the charger is plugged in, the more chance that it'll be plugged in when some component fails. But that's true of your TV, your toaster - everything in your house that's plugged in. And I'm betting that you don't unplug your computer every night. (Even a power strip or extension cord can go bad when it's plugged, even with nothing plugged into it, and start a fire. That's about the odds of something going wrong with your tablet. So are you going to unplug everything but your alarm clock every night? [That includes your refrigerator - there's more chance of its going bad than there is of your phone charger going bad.])
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    06-02-2015 02:45 PM
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    Thanks much for the information. He does not live with me, so I cannot unplug/plug in the charger. That is why I wanted to be sure it would not be a problem if it is just left plugged in. It would be off though. He will understand how to do that. When he uses it, the tablet would then be unplugged too, but as I mentioned, this may not be daily.
    06-03-2015 02:58 PM
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    I have been curious about this as well.

    I have seen some devices and chargers that are cool to the touch once fully charged.
    It seems like some devices are designed better - such that the current draw on a fully charged battery is minimal.

    A warm charger with a fully charged battery just doesn't make sense to me, since the draw should be minimal at that point.

    Can someone explain why some devices are hot while others seem relatively cool when the battery is fully charged? Are there different types of circuits to limit current flow?

    I would like to leave an Android tablet plugged in 24/7.


    05-31-2017 04:50 AM

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