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    I was recently given a broken Samsung tab pro by a friend and told if I could fix it then it's mine.

    The first issue it had was with the WiFi, it was always in a state of "turning on" meaning it never connected to any network; a factory reset did not fix this and I'm thinking it's either a software issue which might be fixed by flashing something like cyanogen to it or a hardware issue - in which case I'm not sure what to do.
    He said he sent it off to Samsung for this issue but they refused to even try to fix it because apparently the tablet did not originate from the UK (despite being bought from Amazon UK and still under warranty) so no luck there.
    Since then he's had the back off and disconnected the battery, reconnected it and then charged it; after this it took hours to charge and then drained very quickly and refuses to boot. When plugged in the to right area of the screen seems to heat up but that's about it.
    Since it won't boot I can't even try to fix the WiFi issue and am reluctant to buy a new battery unless you guys think I have a chance of fixing it.
    Any ideas?
    06-03-2015 05:34 PM

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