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    Samsung Galaxy S5 purchased around Thanksgiving last year. We changed ISP companies last week. Everything was fine until yesterday. I cant seem to get connected to the home wifi?

    All the other devices (including my husbands exact same phone, laptops, tablets, other phone models...) connect and stay connected. I've tried forgetting the credentials and restarting the device. I've tried resetting the router. I've tried restarting the router. I've tried changing the setting for smart switch network. Nothing helped and there were no setting changes or new apps installed.

    I even factory reset last night and still... nothing. It just says "Password Saved". It never goes to authenticate mode.

    Anyone have any ideas?
    06-05-2015 07:23 AM
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    Had you not said that you did an FR last night I would have said your resources were low on the device and clearing caches, deleting texts, and getting rid of emails saved to the device was all you needed. However doing the FR should have cleared some of that out. What it might not do is change some of your settings, but it sounds like you've looked at your settings and felt they were OK. The only other advice I can think of would be do one or both of the following, uninstall any power saver, antivirus, or connection apps, restart the device and see if you can gain access after that, and/or sit down with your husband's device and go through the settings for Wi-Fi and network and compare the two for differences. There aren't a lot of settings to look at but be sure to go through the basic and advanced settings for each on each device. Short of those two things the only other thing I could think would be some kind of physical trauma to the device. A drop, high temp, or sharp blow to the edge of the device. With everything else still working with your router I would seriously think it has nothing to do with anything other than the device. Two other things I would recommend would be to test it on an outside network, McD's, Tim Horton's, or someplace and see if you can connect there. Or take it to your carrier's tech center. Even without insurance most will look at the device and attempt to diagnose it, but they will also likely suggest an FR which you've already done so it shouldn't be too painful if you want to do it again.
    06-05-2015 08:05 AM

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