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    I purchased an LG Optimus F60, also called the MS395 mobile phone about two weeks ago. One of the reasons I selected this phone was because it has a replaceable battery. But not so quick...

    I purchased an aftermarket battery. When I received it and put it in the phone, I got the error message "Invalid Battery. Shutting Down." It was sold as a genuine LG battery, but I do not believe it. I researched the error on the internet and found that the error message is common on LG devices with use of aftermarket batteries (and also batteries that have gotten wet). I have tried numerous methods of getting the aftermarket battery to work as suggested on various sites and forum, but without any success. I still get the Invalid Battery error every time. I am in the process of returning the battery to the seller.

    So next, I tried to purchase an original, genuine LG battery. Unbelievably, they are not available anywhere! (Do not believe sellers at auction sites and consumer-to-consumer sites that they are selling genuine LG parts. Simply not true. A true genuine LG battery does not seem to be available anywhere.)

    First, I tried my carrier, MetroPCS. I called a corporate store: they do not sell batteries. (What?!) I also tried the MetroPCS website. No batteries.

    Next, I tried LG's website, LG.com. They sell hundreds of mobile phones but only sell two (2) mobile phone batteries. Again, what?! Unbelievable. Check it out for yourself at LG's website (I'm apparently not allowed to post links yet. I had one here.)

    Next, I tried calling LG's Customer Service telephone number: 800-243-0000. No joy.

    Next, I tried calling LG's Repair Parts and Service telephone number: 800-847-7597. They do not sell this battery.

    Next, I emailed LG's Customer Service through their website email interface. The responding Customer Service Representative obviously did not actually read my email and sent me a canned response to call LG's Customer Service number. (Not surprisingly, it was from an email address to which one cannot reply.)

    Next, I used LG's online chat. Same response: the representative suggested that I call Customer Service and after I said I had already done that, suggested calling Repair & Parts. When I said I had already done that, they asked me to hold a few minutes while they researched the problem further. After waiting 20-30 minutes, I asked if they were still researching to which I received a reply "The agent has ended the session. Please start a new session if you still have questions"! So the agent bolted without telling me. Nice.

    I have reached dead-end after dead-end and have not been able to buy an LG battery anywhere. So if you think that an LG phone is a good choice because the battery can be swapped out, make sure you can actually get a swappable battery. In my phone, an aftermarket battery will not work and a genuine, LG battery cannot be found! Lose-lose.

    Does anyone know of any other place that I can buy a true, genuine LG battery?

    06-11-2015 10:46 AM

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