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    I'm looking for a new Samsung Galaxy S4. I've noticed lots of third-party sellers on Amazon selling them as well as folks on ebay. Typically, the Amazon description doesn't state whether new, used, or refurbished, but some of the customer reviews (more than you would expect) express disappointment over expecting a new phone but getting one that is either open box or in a generic box like a refurb.

    On ebay, they will be described as new, but there will still be more neutral/negative reviews than I would expect, stating similar responses to the Amazon reviews.

    I just wonder where these resellers get all these older model phones (and not just Samsungs). Would it be typical for hundreds (thousands?) of older model phones to still be new in box? Is Samsung still making them?

    If anyone is familiar with these types of resellers or that industry, I'd welcome your insight.

    06-13-2015 05:35 PM

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