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    Has anyone successfully connect an LG G4 to an early 2008 MacBookPro via USB? I have been unable. I can connect a microUSB thumbdrive, so the phone hardware isn't a problem. I've done this for 5 years with my Droid2. I've loaded the driver from the LG G4, and Android File Transfer on the Mac. I've set all the settings correctly. I've done this with a Verizon, LG and Apple tech and none of them can get the phone to connect. The only options the techs have is to reset my phone to factory, which means another 5 days setting it up again.
    06-15-2015 06:06 PM
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    Google Android file transfer. That's what I use on my Mac desktop to move files around. Hope this helps you. I also hope you are using your upgrades. Because going from D2 to g4 is a big leap. I'm unlimited and don't have the upgrade option without consequences. If you're in the same boat...I see why your not,,,but if not. Your letting them take your money.

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    06-16-2015 05:24 PM

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