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    Hi all - after Lollipop update, I've been having several issues and I've searched and searched and have fixed some but have not been able to find solutions to others. So I'm coming to you, The Internet, and begging. I used to love my phone. Now these things are really getting annoying and I am considering getting an iPhone with my next upgrade because with each update, things get more and more frustrating and it seems like I have to spend at least an hour fixing glitches.

    - Lock screen notifications - both on the top notification bar and the "pop-up box" on the screen - are no longer available. Now I know you can choose to have them saying EVERYTHING (both the sender and the content of the text/email) or NOTHING ("content hidden" - because that isn't annoying), but I used to have it so that it would display ONLY THE SENDER. Why was this option taken away and how to do I get it back?? Also, the little envelope icon on the top bar does not appear on the lock screen, so I have to fully unlock my phone to see whether or not I have any notifications - super annoying.

    - I can no longer put emojis in contact names. I used to be able to and now it just says that I cannot past contact names including emojis. Does anyone know a way around this without downloading external apps? I realize that this is a very minor issue but on top of everything else I am beyond annoyed. If at all possible, I would like to continue using the standard message app and keyboard.

    - Also minor but super annoying. Does anyone know how/if I can get rid of the awful orange colour on the messaging app? This seems to be a lost cause, but please let me know if you've found a way around it.

    06-18-2015 07:49 PM

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