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    At first my phone was barely charging it would only charge if it was held or leaned against a book or propped up. so i carefully sat it on the ground and my phone showed that it was being charged. next morning i woke up and it was dead. initially i thought it was a charging cord problem so i acquired a new one and all my phone did once I put the new charger in was vibrate every 2 seconds. My phone did not show the charging icon . it did not even turn on my phone did nothing but vibrate. so i got a new charger and plugged it in i saw the charging icon for about 2 seconds then it shut off and became unresponsive. it did not vibrate or charge or even show the icon. from thereon my phone has been unresponsive. I have looked at numerous videos and forums so far here is what i have tried...
    1) removing the battery and pressing the home button(unresponsive)
    2) cleaning out my charging port ( unresponsive)
    3) pressing the volume buttons and home screen button ( unresponsive)
    4) leaving the phone charged for a whole day ( unresponsive)
    ***as you can see I have tried everything and I am really getting desperate please help me.
    06-19-2015 01:35 AM
  2. sahilkanjiyani's Avatar
    I have this problem periodically with my nexus 4 as well, nothing really works to solve this, I think its just becuase the phone is getting old
    06-19-2015 02:25 AM

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