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    HI, I'm trying to unlock my S3 which is running 4.4.4 and can't seem to get it to do it.

    When I'm trying to do this first step, entering the code *#197328640# in the dialling screen, nothing happens. If I just enter the code then it sits there in the dialling screen, when I press dial it says 'not registered on network'.

    I'm trying to do this with no SIM in because if I can't try to do it with a SIM from a different provider in because as soon as I put the SIM in it asks for the unlock code straight away so I can't get to the dialling screen, and when I try to do it with a SIM in from my own provider in it says 'Connection problem or invalid MMI code'.

    Hope you can help! Thanks :-)
    06-19-2015 06:53 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Are you trying to unlock from a network? I think you'll need an unlock code from that network to do that. I assume that the code you mention is for accessing the Service Menu?

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    06-19-2015 07:58 AM

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