1. AC Question's Avatar
    I'm changing over from an HTC One CDMA to a Galaxy S6 GSM, but I would like to keep the settings from my old phone. Is there a relatively easy way to do this?
    06-23-2015 12:01 PM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    This article should cover much of what you're asking about. https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2819582?hl=en

    I understand it applies to Nexus devices but all other Android devices have the same options, even if they're located in a different spot.

    As for the data in individual apps, good luck with that. AndroidCentral also had an article related to "switching" earlier this month, here: Company makes an app that helps you switch from another company's phone | Android Central
    06-23-2015 01:10 PM

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