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    Hi guys,


    So my wifes screen on her Samsung Note 3 is completely smashed, and I believe the digitizer is too as the screen does not respond either. the phone turns on as the buttons has lights and I also get a heptic feedback when I hold down the power button on the phone to turn it on.

    I need the the photos, photos were not backed up, not on the SD, and USB Debuggin I believe was off. I tried to connect the phone to 3 different PCs and with different cables, but the pcs do not allow me to see the phones camera folder.

    replacing the screen would cost more than the phone cost, and the phone is anyway only being used as a second phone so don't want to shed out that much money.

    I have another Samsung Note 3, so my question was, can I take the screen and digitizer from that one and put it on the broken one and then get the photos and then swap the screen and digitizer back?

    Also at work we have a Cellebrite device, but when I tried to extract all the data out of the phone with that, the device asked me to press on "allow this computer" on the phone, but as the screen is broken I can't do this :/

    I would really appreciate if anyone can shed some light! thanks guys
    06-24-2015 02:32 AM

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