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    So I just got my Note 4 a few days ago. Overall I like it, but one thing I have noticed is the battery had been horrible. So far I have been getting about 8-10 hours. I've been keeping the screen dim and been keeping the background apps cleared. I've also been trying power saver and hevnt seen any differences. Any suggestions guys ?

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    06-24-2015 02:10 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    At the end of a day's use, what do your battery usage stats reveal?
    Also, are your basic settings for syncing, location, etc., sensibly set?
    Also also, what is your signal strength?

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    06-24-2015 02:25 PM
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    Android system and android os uses a large portion of my battery. I keep my location on power saver. The signal isnt that good at my house so I keep it on airplane mode. And I don't really see a difference

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    06-24-2015 02:48 PM
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    8-10 hours, if you're using it, isn't bad. 8-10 hours if it's just sitting there with the screen off is pretty bad.

    Install Greenify and Greenify any apps you don't want running unless you run them (phone, text, email should run when they want, or you won't get anything incoming until you run the app).

    Fully charge the phone, let it sit all night, then look at the battery stats (where you saw Android System and Android OS battery use) and tap the graph at the top. You'll get a second page. Look at the Awake line at the bottom. It should be dark except for a few thin lines, except when the screen is on. If it's not, something is keeping it from sleeping. You can use Wakelock Detector to determine which apps are doing that. (See Wakelock detector with non-rooted phone if the phone isn't rooted. It's a pain, but you won't be doing it more than 2 or 3 times.) Either Greenify the apps doing it or disable them.
    06-24-2015 06:23 PM
  5. Stuart782's Avatar
    The 8-10 hrs is with a combination of the both when I'm doing basic stuff on it like Web browsing or social media it goes down about 1% every 2 or 3 minutes. I'll give that app a try and see how it does.

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    06-24-2015 06:47 PM

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