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    Current Phone - Galaxy S3(T-Mobile)(Micro sim)

    Price range - 600$ max

    Screen size - 5 - 5.5in

    Typical use - Heavy internet browsing/gaming/traveling(currently in Japan)/videos/watching hd streams/Taking Photos
    Location - Currently in Japan as a tourist, currently have U.S. T-Mobile.

    Timetable - I am fine with buying one in Japan or waiting to get one in the U.S. There is no real rush. If I could get one in Japan for the last month, that would be preferred.
    Ok. I am currently in Japan for another month and would like some advice for what my next phone should be.

    What I know about Japan Phones - Many of the phones are evolving quickly in a few ways. I know that the Japanese government is pushing to make all phones sim free asap. Many are also changing over to nano sims. Also, buying a used phone seems to be quite difficult, as I've only been in 2 stores which actually have used ones. I know that Docomo will unlock their phones for a 30$ fee. I know softbank/au/yahoo will not/cannot be unlocked. One of the only phones that was shown to be an actual canditated was the Asus Zenifone 2. It was unlocked, and able to use a sim card the same size as mine.(micro)

    Talking to T-mobile didnt help much. With my current schedule here is it difficult to have the time to talk out my situation with someone fully. I still dont know if I can switch to a nano sim or not or if these Japanese phones will work in the US. From what I've read it comes down to frequencies.

    Phones I am interested in -

    LG G4

    Asus Zenfone 2

    Sony Xperia Z3

    (Xperia would have to obtain from craigslist as T-mobile doesnt sell it anymore)

    I am not interested in the S6 or the note. After owning a samsung galaxy for 3 years id like to try a different phone type. Also note these are not the only 3 phones I am looking for and am very open to other suggestions.

    The ultimate question.

    Should I buy a phone in Japan for U.S. use? Is it worth the hassle/risk?

    If I am going to buy a U.S. phone should I pull the trigger on a LG G4/Zenfone 2/Xperia z3 or wait for the next big thing? I want a phone that will last me 2+ years just like my Galaxy s3 has.

    Thank you for reading and my deepest apologies for any ignorance and noobishness on my part.
    06-25-2015 01:39 AM

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