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    Hello! I am planning to buy a phone which is going to be used mainly for storing pictures. I will be having to click pictures from books, notes, etc. for projects. So I was wondering how much GB phone should I buy. I'm not going to be downloading any apps or games as such; it's only for the pictures. Also, could you tell me whether I should go in for an 8 MP camera, or a 5 MP would be alright? And, is a 4 GB internal memory with 512 MB RAM enough, or something else? Thanks a lot!
    06-25-2015 03:28 AM
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    I've used a 3MP camera for pictures introduced as evidence, so unless you're looking for really high quality photography, 5MP should be fine. (You can't even get close to film quality yet - a 35mm negative is about 1GP and that's not considered high quality in photography if you're going to make enlargements.)

    As far as storage, get a phone that can take an external microSD card. That way, when one is filled, you can buy another one. You can carry a few TB of pictures in a shirt pociet (including the case to put all the cards in). 512MB of RAM is bit small for todsay's apps - I'd go for at least 1GB and, if I wanted to keep the same phone for a while, 2GB. If you're using microSD cards for picture storage, 4GB should be enough internal storage for your phone, text and camera apps, and leave you with room for a few more.
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    06-26-2015 12:21 AM

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