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    I bought a second hand Galaxy note2. First I started noticing that people had a problem getting through to me because my ringer kept turning off or it would just reject calls. Then my settings started changing, like my location would turn on. Then yesterday I was on y phone and it just turned off in my hands. When I turned it back on the wallpaper on my home screen was different.

    Any advice on what it could be and what I can do to protect my self.

    Much appreciated.
    06-25-2015 01:11 PM
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    First anytime you purchase a used device you should do a factory reset upon receipt. Not because of hacking just because you don't know what may or may not be on the device. Was the device formally rooted? You should be able to tell by going into your bootloader, usually holding the vol button down while powering on, and looking to see if it is still locked or shows tampered at the top of the screen. I'll come back to this in a moment... Meanwhile I don't think device manager works based on the device ID solely. It looks for your device being logged in to Google, so if you've set the device up with your log in they are not using device manager to control or spy on your device. If the device has been rooted and you have not done a factory reset it is possible that you could be being spied on or having information lifted from your device. Even if you have done a FR on a rooted device it could be possible for something to have been hidden and protected from FRs so that it wouldn't be erased, but only if the device had been rooted. Anyway, what did the seller say about the device when they sold it to you, I'm leaning more towards the device is defective and that was the reason for the sale in the beginning. FRing the device may cure some of this, and if you choose to try a FR also wipe the memory, and maybe do it twice for the cleanest start possible. Any number of things could be causing your issues though. A drop, moisture damage, overheating, etc etc. There isn't much I can recommend short of taking it into a repair center for evaluation, after checking if the device has ever been rooted or unlocked. There are diagnostic tools at the PS but they are kind of limited. There are also malware tools there that could calm your fears of being hacked, but most of the antivirus things are useless. 9 times out of 10 people with issues that appear like viruses are apps that were installed with too many permissions. The other time it's a bug from a bad update, poorly written app, or something along those lines.

    Post back what you find...
    06-25-2015 01:46 PM

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