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    I have my android Galaxy Note i717 (old) docked. I've researched and researched and cannot find an app that will verbally/audio/voice "tell" me in ADVANCE of traffic and "tell" me where to go. Can an app re-direct you around traffic BEFORE and in enough time to avoid and/or to take the required turn off the route you're traveling on - - IN TIME TO MAKE IT!

    I have to keep my eyes fixed on the phone screen to see if there is any shorter route, which is not consistent informing me. That's dangerous. If I look away from the phone screen and focus on driving for a moment I either missed any indicated detours or have past the spot where I should have turned to be rerouted around traffic. Is there such a thing? It is SO ANNOYING!
    06-25-2015 01:17 PM
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    Waze uses reports from other drivers to warn you of problems on the road, but I don't know of any app that works like a Magellan with an external traffic condition source and a "press for alternate route" function (my Magellan does that).

    As for getting where you're going in time, that would depend on the route and the problem. If you're warned soon enough to get off that road, but the only alternates won't get you there in time, no app will do it. The only solution is to always allow more time than you think it will take for critical trips. Getting there early is no problem - play Solitaire for 15 minutes - you have a phone with you.

    What annoys me most is when they do elective work (it's not an emergency and they can do it at any time, day or night) during the rush hour. You close 3 of 4 lanes, when 6 lanes wouldn't be enough to keep traffic flowing without delays? And the local authorities allow that? That's more than annoying, that's Sadism. I cn't argue about closing a road when there's a huge accident - the life of the guy trapped in the car is more important than any place I have to go. (I used to be a first responder.) And, although stopping very block behind a school bus is annoying, I'd never pass one with flashing reds. But elective work? Boy!

    But that's why I allow half an hour for the 15 minute trips to my doctors' offices. And if it's a business meeting, calling ahead and telling them that you're trapped behind an overturned log truck won't be a problem unless you work for a moron (which an entirely different problem).
    06-25-2015 05:30 PM

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