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    I broke my Windows phone so my family gave me an Android ZTE that was someone old phone. Now I.got on it put my SIM card and set it up and I.don't have my contacts showing up or anything.
    06-26-2015 12:21 AM
  2. Crashdamage's Avatar
    You must not have been saving your contacts to the SIM. You were probably saving them to the phone internal storage. If that WinPhone is non-functional then the contacts went with it.

    Actually, not saving contscts to the SIM is good. Strongly suggest you give up on storing anything on the SIM anyway.

    First, you can only store names and numbers on the SIM. No email addresses, physical addresses, notes, photos - no other information.

    Second, there is fewer and fewer phones that even have an option to use SIM storage. In a year or two SIM storage will be gone. SIM storage of contacts is an old, outdated, dying technology that should not be considered a viable option anymore.

    Now that you have an Android you probably have a Google (Gmail) account also. You really should save contacts to Google from now on. Gives you automatic backups and makes restoring contacts when you get a new phone a snap. Plus you can put lotsa information in each contact.

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    06-26-2015 01:01 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    SIM storage of contacts is an old, outdated, dying technology
    It was great at the time - it was the only place on a phone to store contacts othr than instenal storage. There were no such things as "cloud accounts" or microSD cards. (I use to keep baclups on the store computer (backed up offsite) for customers who wanted contact backup.) Today it's like using an old flip phone with a 0.3MP camera.
    06-26-2015 01:10 AM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Windows Phones cannot store contacts on the SIM. Your contacts will be in whatever account you used as your Microsoft Account. What was your Microsoft Account email type? Outlook.com? Hotmail.com? Gmail?

    If you add whatever email account you used as your Microsoft Account to your ZTE, you'll get your contacts back.

    I was using a Nokia Lumia 920 with Outlook.com as my Microsoft Account. I got a Moto X and didn't even have a SIM for it when it arrived, since I needed a nano SIM. The Lumia 920 took a micro SIM. I added my Outlook.com email to the Gmail app on the Moto X and set it up using WiFi. Then I stopped at the AT&T store and got a nano SIM. I was good to go with phone calls and texts as soon as I left the store.

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    06-26-2015 03:39 AM

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