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    Like when it is 100% charged I'm playing and in 5 minutes it gone to 84% and when it is 20 % I put it on charging at 10 p.m and at 7 a.m it is 60% charged
    06-26-2015 07:16 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    It sounds like your the device USB, cable or charger is damaged. Check your USB port on the device is there debris down in there, try blowing it out with compressed air, I would not go digging around down in there. Your carrier's repair center may offer free cleaning also. Try a new charger, or charging cable. The cable may be slightly damaged where it is making poor contact with the connection in the USB port. Often when this happens you get messages like, the USB power being supplied is insufficient to charge the device, the device will charge slower because you are using more power than the charger is supplying. If you are not getting messages like that check the notification bar while plugged in and see if it says connected to USB. Since USB connections often supply lower power outputs than AC charging your device may think it is connected to USB and report that in the notification bar. But your issue is almost certainly a breakdown in you charging system so trying a new charger, or changing you cable will likely correct your slow charging. It may also help your quick discharge . With the device charging so slowly, possibly do to a shorted or poorly connected cable, it could be affecting your battery. Have you noticed the device at unusually high temperatures while or after charging? Overheating the battery is the quickest way to shorten battery life.

    Now barring a charging issue there a other things that could cause the slow charging. Overheating which was already mentioned, but this can happen if the device is charging in the sun, near something that puts off a little heat or on top of something that doesn't dissipate heat very well. High processor use while charging will affect both your charging speed and temperature. If your processor is under a strain while trying to charge it consumes power at a rate nearly equal to what you are supplying to charge the device resulting in less power going to the battery, thus charging slower. Check that you don't have any antivirus apps, memory savers, or other long term apps running during charging. If you feel it could be an app/processor issue affect your charging speed, simply charge the device once with the device powered off. If it charges better while powered off try to isolate the apps that are running while the device is charging or during the hours the device normally charges, and try to disable or stop that behavior.
    06-26-2015 08:32 AM

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