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    I have a small shop and I am looking for an app, to be used by the sales reps, to register in real time what they have sold. As simple as to choose or search for the product from a list and select it. I would need to be able to pull daily reports, with hourly results. The more functions (like price and available stock), the better, but at least the basics from above.
    06-27-2015 12:20 PM
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    Your best bet, from a system development viewpoint, would be a website they could log into and make their reports, and you could pull whatever reports you need from it.

    Keeping stock levels synced across multiple mobile devices means that every device gets a message when an item is sold, meanint eating lots of data. It also means a message to every device for every price change. And it means polling every device when you need a report.

    Doing it as a web page or 3, each device talks to the page using just a little data, the database is kept on the web server and your reports are drawn from data that's as fresh as it takes the report code to run. (Meaning that if someone sells something while you're creating report, that sale might not show until the next report.)

    Creating the site is something you'd have to hire a web developer to do. If the developer doesn't sit down with some of the sales reps and take notes of how they do things (so the site does it their way, they don't have to learn the site's way), you hired the wrong person. Same for your reports - what order do you want to enter which information to get a report. If entering a line of data means you have to check a box, either the box should be bext to the line you're entering on, or there should be a pop-up after you leave that entry field. IOW, the page should be written to do things the way you do them. (A well-written custom designed system should have only one simple "lesson" for the users - "use it and you'll see how it works immediately" - and it should be that obvious. "Where do I enter this information?" means a bad design.)
    06-28-2015 12:21 AM

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