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    I have a galaxy tab 2, which has been really reliable until suddenly ìn the last few days it has become quite slow and the system clock doesnt seem to be keeping up. It will display the same time for a long time (has been more than an hour at times) the alarm clock has suddenly stopped working too. I dont know if they àre connected but it has all started at the same time. I can set the alarm and all seems to appear to be working but just doesn't ring when the time comes.
    There are other strange things happening with the system volume setting also, the screen is freezing periodically and it is a suçkins through battery power like it is going out of style.
    I also have a Galaxy S3 which has started doing weird stuff too which started at the same time. Cant send texts, receiving texts hours after they'd been sent, draining the battery in a matter of hours even though it is just sitting idle. Has there been an android update which is causing these things?
    Would be so grateful for any help and advice.
    06-30-2015 05:39 AM

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