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    I’ll soon be leaving to Germany for 6 weeks. I would like to take my (Verizon-) Samsung Galaxy S4 along and use it pretty much like I do here in the US.

    I recently got off a 2 year contract. I want to unlock the phone (if I need to - ?) and take out the SIM card and once I’m in Germany put in a local SIM card with a new number.

    When I come back I want to put my Verizon-SIM card (4 LTE ?) back and I assume it’ll be running normal.
    I don’t want to cancel or even suspend my Verizon account while I’m overseas.

    These are my questions:
    Will it work? Have you done this, or something similar? Amazon sells the S4 in different versions, like Verizon or Unlocked. And I wonder if my Verizon version can’t be unlock or it doesn’t work on Europoe’s GSM system.

    IF it should work, then all I have to do is:
    After adding the new SIM card I go to settings>connections>more networks>mobile networks and switch the "Network Mode" to "LTE/GSM/UNITS" ?

    And when I come back to the US I switch out the SIMs and the setting back to
    back "Network Mode" to "LTE/CDMA"

    Will it work?

    06-30-2015 12:43 PM

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