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    To add some context, I'm currently running a nightly build of CM12 on my GS4 (SGH-M919). However, I dropped it in the toilet a while ago, and since then, a whole crop of problems have been occuring. I've managed to fix the problems with a faulty SD card that caused the phone to crash on boot, a damaged SIM card, and a damaged SIM card reader. However, a new problem has been occuring and has progressively gotten worse.

    This happened extremely rarely, but the past few weeks, this has happened regularly. My phone spontaneously crashes while displaying a solid hot pink screen. It then proceeds to auto-reboot, but approximately after the boot animation appears, the solid pink screen appears again. Unfortunately, all it seems I can do is to let the phone reboot until it spontaneously decides to reboot again.

    Any ideas on why? I'd prefer not to replace my phone by the way.
    06-30-2015 01:38 PM

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