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    I have an LG 34c phone I bought from Walmart about 4 months ago. Yesterday it started showing a box saying "home button stopped working" and an option to press ok but it didnt work. I shut off the phone and turned it back on and now the phone is stuck on a black screen that has the LG logo. What do I do to fix this
    07-01-2015 06:27 AM
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    That seems odd... Did the device do anything odd before you attempted to power it down, like if you opened an app it would close and take you to your home screen, or act like you were making two finger jestures when you were only using single finger inputs? To me it sounds like your home button is stuck "on" for lack of a better way to put it. This may account for the power on situation you're experiencing. Some devices have different power options for example, almost all devices will boot into Fastboot options when the Vol- button is held during power up, or simulate a battery pull if the Vol+ button is held, some have three button start ups and some of these start ups include the home button. So if your device thinks you are holding the home button during power up it may be waiting for you to release it to continue the action. I'm not sure if your device has capacitive buttons or on screen buttons, but first clean the screen and button area. You may be looking at your device thinking it doesn't look dirty but ironically it takes very little with some of these devices to cause it to miss read or sense a phantom touch. If cleaning doesn't help then I might lightly tap the device to one side in the palm of my hand. Almost like you were packing cigs just not as hard or violently. One other thing I've noticed with my last two devices is that they tend to want to act funny, like misreading input, if they are connected to a charger. This may help in your favor either way. So if you are connected and this is happening disconnect or if it is happening while disconnected connect it and see if it won't miss read the imput and allow it to start normally.
    07-01-2015 06:58 AM

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