1. AC Question's Avatar
    I rooted my phone using kingroot for the past 6-7 months and after a while i recieve this update from ADB. but i keep on clicking the later button because i don't want it to update, now it stayed there for sometime. But then one morning as I woke up i just found my phone screen with this broken green android with a red triangle and an exclamation point inside saying "no command" under it. also above it placed with a different option as follows;

    reboot system now
    apply update from ADB
    apply update from sdcard
    apply update from cache
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    backup user data
    restore user data

    I tried wiping factory reset and rebooting it but it keeps going back to the same place same with wipe partition, i removed its sdcard and sim card and did the same things but as usual it didn't work. I tried to click update ADB but it only says "now send the package you wat to apply to the device with "adb sideload <filename>"

    im an amatuer android user please help me with this problem T_T ......
    07-01-2015 09:33 PM
  2. joseph Godfrey's Avatar
    if you have factory reset your mobile phone and then gone into master reset menu and wiped cache and reboot system and your device is still displaying "no command", most likely the whole system and all software has been wiped, whilst this should not be possible, sometimes the safety is off and the only possible ways to get your phone working again is to reinstall, usually by taking to a phone shop or send to manufacturers repairer.
    02-05-2018 03:38 PM

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