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    I bought a LG Urbane (WIFI version, not LTE version). At the first time, I tried to connect my Urbane watch to Note 3 phone. I could easily connect Urbane to Note 3 and I could see a lot of push alarms for e-mail, text, etc. By the way, I couldn't read details about the e-mail, text, etc. Finally, I found out that the e-mail, text, etc that is pushed from the Note 3 were not opened in the Urbane. So, at first, I asked for after-service through the phone and they gave me several tips to solve the connection problem. But the problem was not solved. Finally, I visited the local LG service center and I asked for fixing the connection problem between Urbane and Note 3. But they also could not solve it. So, I was very disappointed it. Anyway, I couldn't still solve it and they didn't give any answer about the problem. I am waiting for their answer. Is there anyone who has been solved this problem? or Is there anyone who have the same problem? Can you tell me your thinking or experience about the problems. Thank you!
    07-02-2015 12:28 AM

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