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    Ok consider this scenario. I have 2 phones side by side. I have google's voice search pulled up on both.

    Phone 1 is the Nexus 6
    Phone 2 is the Virgin Mobile LG G Volt.

    I say "Ok Google"

    Both phones respond with a beed

    I say "Show me videos of Batman"

    Both phones pull up the exact same list of batman videos

    I then say "Ok Google Play the first result"

    Phone #2 Plays the first listed youtube video Phone #1 Searches google for "Play the first result" which brings up a series of baseball play statistics among other things.

    Why does the lower end phone with the older version of android seem to run contextual results but the other doesn't?

    As far as I can tell the settings are the same between each phone except the Volt has Google now Cards turned on. (I tried turning on google now cards on the other phone but I got the same result with the same query). How can I make it so my Nexus 6 runs what I am calling "contextual" results.
    07-02-2015 12:03 PM

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